Final Project

Working as individuals or with one partner, students will design and deliver a 20-25 min learning experience to the class. Students should incorporate one or more digital tools that demonstrate how to effectively integrate technology into a learning experience. Your goal is good alignment between the technology and the learning experience Lessons can be “taught” […]

Class 9: Sway vs Adobe Spark Page

Last week, students explored digital storytelling with Microsoft Sway. This week we will introduce another useful tool – Adobe Spark Page. We will open the class with students giving an “elevator pitch” for their final projects. Students will give each other feedback to assist project development. Then students will get a brief introduction to Adobe […]

Class 8: Where I’m From – My Digital Story

In the poem, “Where I’m From,” George Ella Lyon tells the story of her youth in Kentucky. Where I’m FromI am from clothespins,from Clorox and carbon-tetrachloride.I am from the dirt under the back porch.(Black, glistening,it tasted like beets.)I am from the forsythia bushthe Dutch elmwhose long-gone limbs I rememberas if they were my own. I’m from […]

Class 7: Tell Stories with Video

We’ll look at three free video-creation apps – Toontastic, Clips and Adobe Spark Video. All are easy-to-use for video storytelling and are popular with teachers and folks who want to produce fun video content for their social networks.   Students will be organized into teams and assigned one of three apps. Teams will “figure out” […]

Class 6: Curate and Brainstorm with Mind Maps

We’ll look at three curating / mind mapping apps – Padlet, Popplet and All are easy-to-use and popular with teachers and students who want to organize digital content in a visual layout. We will also work in teams to review the apps for use in the classroom. The session will begin with a brainstorming […]

Class 5: Showcase Learning with Google Sites

In today’s class we’ll learn how to create a website using Google sites. Sites are free and become part of your content stored in Google Drive. Sites can easily showcase content you have created using Google docs, slides, forms, MyMaps or YouTube videos. Note: be sure to use the new (not classic) google sites. We […]

Class 4: Explore Place with MyMaps

Places are locations having distinctive features that give them meaning and character that differs from other locations. Therefore, places are human creations, and people’s lives are grounded in particular places. We come from a place, we live in a place, and we preserve and exhibit fierce pride over places. National Geography Standard 4: Place Exploring […]

Class 3: Interactive Lessons with Google Slides

We will begin our look at Google tools with Google Slides. Students will work in teams to explore some sample Google slide activities here. They will select one of the activities and prepare a short presentation to class on: How is it designed – features, interactions, navigation, external assets. It’s instructional goals What they liked […]

Class 2: Teaching in the Digital Era

This class will lead off with a  discussion of our first class and assignment. Next, Peter will do a short presentation: “Teaching in the Digital Era” It explores the skills we need to be “digitally literate in the modern world.” Find, decode and critically evaluate information Curate, store and responsibly share information To hone our digital […]