Edpuzzle – George Washington

I really enjoyed using Edpuzzle to make a lesson on George Washington. I found it pretty easy to insert my quiz questions. I also really enjoyed how the video stops and the questions pop up. I liked how you could crop the video to the length that you wanted it. I could really see myself using this application in my future classes.

Equity for All Students- Edpuzzle

For this project, I used Edpuzzle to show a video about equity for all students. I thought that it was very easy to use and add questions within the video. I liked the different choices that you can use to ask a question. I did have a hard time finding a video to use for this, but once I did, it was very easy to do the project. I would definitely use this app again.

Edpuzzle: Non-Fiction vs. Fiction Books

I decided to use Edpuzzle to present the differences between a non-fiction book and a fiction book. Edpuzzle is a great resource to present informational videos and allow students to answer questions as they watch the video! You can crop the video to remove unnecessary clips, you can record yourself talking throughout the video if you don’t like the way the narrator of the video presents the information or you can add audio notes throughout the video (the video will stop to make the viewer listen to it), and you can add open-ended questions, multiple choice questions, or make comments throughout the video. Also, you can access different channels on Edpuzzle, so there are many choices! Overall, it is a great tool that I will definitely use in my classroom so students can be engaged with the video rather than just watching it.

TEDED: Oceans and Climate Change

TEDED is a fun app that enables you to take a video from YouTube and add questions about the content. You are able to write multiple choice questions and free response questions for the students to answer. These questions are designed to be answered after the students have already viewed the video. If they get the question incorrect, a hint is provided, sending the student to the correct place in the video to find the answer. Within this app, there is a discussion portion. Students can add comments about what they learned and bounce ideas off of one another.

At first I was disappointed that the questions did not pop up as the video played, however this is a good way to test student comprehension at the end.

I created a TEDED video about our oceans and how climate change is affecting them. Enjoy! 🙂


In this EdPuzzle, I used a math video and added quiz questions to engage viewers while watching. I loved how easy this was to insert your own questions, find educational videos, and collect the data from students. I think being able to prevent skipping ahead in the video, using multiple choice and open ended questions, and adding audio (which I didn’t do in this video), would be a great tool to give students extra help, use as a formative assessment, or even as homework for reviewing a lesson. I also think making quick videos like this would act as good pre-assessments, if you were to assign a video to students a day before you were to start teaching a new lesson, it be a good way to introduce a topic. The teacher site is very helpful and easy to use, allows you to see how far students got and their scores, and assigning a due date. I can definitely see myself using this if I am in a classroom/community where computers are available!

Jupiter and Edpuzzle

I choose to make an EDpuzzle. I really liked this site. I think this is a new way the students to be interactive with a video. Also a great way for teachers to assess their students for comprehension. Also having the questions through out the video makes the students pay attention during the video. As for making the video it was simple and easy to use. You all all videos at your fingertips, which is great because then you don’t have to do an extended search for a video you might want to use. 10/10 would say that any teacher could use EDpuzzle and it could use used in almost any grade.

ED Puzzle: Biomes

[embedit snippet=”biome”] 

I really like this Application called EdPuzzle. It allows for you to take a video and create Questions though out the video to keep the students engaged. They have the option to create Multiple- Choice, Short-Answer, Comments, Voice Over, and Audio Notes.

I could see using this is my biology classroom for Homework. Having students watch videos online at home and answer these interactive questions I have and submit there work online. This would allow me to keep accountability for the students to make sure they watch the entire video.

EDpuzzle: Abraham Lincoln

I decided to use EDpuzzle for this project because I think it’s a really neat tool for the classroom. I liked how you can add questions throughout the video and it pauses the video to allow students to respond. You can put multiple choice questions, open-ended questions or comments. You also have the ability to add audio notes and commentary throughout the video if you want to elaborate a point for your students. I think this is a great tool for the classroom that has a lot of flexibility and opportunities to create student learning. 

The Moon – Edpuzzle

I was part of the group that looked at Edpuzzle and I really liked it. I loved how you could add questions for students to answer throughout the video. I also liked how there was a wide range of videos to choose from including Youtube, Crash Course and Ted Talks.

I chose a video from Crash Course about the Moon. This video is designed for older students as the video is technical. I thought it was very interesting and informative, despite not knowing much about space initially. The video could be used as an introduction or as an ending to a lesson or series of lessons.

Overall, I think this is a great tech tool to use in the classroom. I would use it to make my own video with questions and then get students to watch and answer them as they go.

TEDEd Post: What is a Habitat?

TEDEd is a great resource to ensure that students are comprehending and getting the most out of educational videos. I liked that adding the question, discussion, and dig deeper options is applicable to any YouTube video. This could include Screencasts and one take videos created by the teacher. TEDEd has many pre-made lessons that can be used by students if the teacher does not wish to make their own. The creator of the lesson has access to student answers to multiple choice and discussion questions. This resource could be a fun and engaging summative assessment. The teacher can take students’ answers to build the next lesson, clarifying information that may have been confusing from the video.

Photosynthesis Song

I chose to use edPuzzle to help gauge student understanding while watching the video on the Photosynthesis Song. I like that the questions pop up as they are going through the video allowing students to recall information that was just presented to them. Questions coming in the form of short answer or multiple choice and the multiple choice can have more than one answer or one singular answer. There is also the option to have comments pop up while watching that can point out important parts of the video.

I could see using this program in a variety of different ways in the classroom in order to gauge student learning.