Food Groups

This lesson is made for students in 3rd-fourth grade who have experience with computers. The lesson goals are to teach students the main food groups and serving sizes to eat in a meal. The teacher will first go through the basic food groups and what the recommended daily servings of each are. Then, it is the students’ turn to practice what they learned by dragging food and labels on the dinner plate to the correct areas to portion out the meal. Afterwards, students can click on the picture to follow a link to a website to play games and learn more about healthy food and lifestyle choices. Teachers aren’t meant to grade students, but observe as they get more practice with what they just learned as well as with the technology.

6 Replies to “Food Groups”

  1. I like this activity. Good way for students to “build” their plate.
    You might want to explain in the blog post that students would be using an “editable” version of the presentation.

    1. I love this idea! It is important that we teach our students about how much food, and what kinds of food we should be eating, and I like the activities within the presentation!

  2. This is a wonderful concept! It combines already existing curriculum (and something extremely important to teach) with a great interactive model. And I love the link to other activities. Well done!

  3. This is such a fun way to incorporate healthy eating into the classroom. I love how interactive it is. Awesome job!

  4. It’s wonderful to see such an interactive and engaging lesson plan designed to teach young students about healthy eating habits. By introducing the main food groups and their recommended servings in a meal, this lesson aims to empower kids to make informed choices about their diet.

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