Which app is better: Padlet vs. Wakelet

Made with Padlet

I really enjoyed using Padlet, out of the two I tried, it was the winner. Its platform is very easy to use and I didn’t run into any user errors. I like how it allows you to search for different things within the app —images, websites, videos, gifs, etc. Padlet also is very visually appealing and friendly, it allows for everything to be in the users sight. It was also very easy to get an embed code and share it on to this site. If I were to use this app with my class I could use it to have them create a ‘get to know me‘ board at the beginning of the year that included an array of different modes to demonstrate who they are and what they like.

This was what I made with Wakelet, I don’t know if it was just not compatible with my device but it was not working. I tried it on both Safari and google and it said that my browser wasn’t supported. When trying to get the embed code for this it was not producing me with one —even though there was a button that allowed for it. I feel like this could be a great app to use for the right individual but it wasn’t for me.

Featured image: Pixabay

3 Replies to “Which app is better: Padlet vs. Wakelet”

  1. Solid review and you back you selection with evidence. Too bad about Wakelet. Not sure what the issue was. But user experience is key and Wakelet did not work for your purposes.

  2. I love your idea of using Padlet for students to make a get to know me board! So cute and great for community building!

  3. Thanks for sharing Alexis! I absolutely love your padlet on flowers, it is super cute. I also like your idea of a community board, that would be a really fun activity for students to participate in.

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