Fun Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom

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The first Google Form I made is a quiz for students to take to get to know their teacher. I made the questions silly and fun so students could get to know me as a person while practicing their test-taking skills. After students take the quiz, they can create their own “how well do you know ___” quizzes that the rest of the class can take. I pictured this activity during the beginning of the day while students are getting settled or during the day as a fun brain break from lessons. It is a great way to build classroom community while letting kids be silly.

The second Google Forms quiz that I made is a silly never-ending quiz for students to take. This quiz could be given at the beginning of a period, the teacher could make it seem like a big deal and instruct the students to work in complete silence. Tell them that they can only finish once they press the submit button (which they will not get to) Then, see how long it takes for the students to see that they are being tricked into a silly quiz. I had the questions start out with one topic and then get broader and more random. Some even have students make a sound or movement but are not allowed to say anything to a partner. I think this would be a fun way to relieve testing anxiety and keep humor in the classroom. It could also be a fun April Fools joke.

I like how Google Forms are easy to make and I learned a lot about the different types of questions, how to make self grading quizzes, and the opportunities that are possible using Google Forms.

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  1. Marlee, These are fun examples of what can be done with G forms. It took a minute to figure out how you set up the branching quiz. So they keep going back until they get it correct.

  2. Yes, when you get a question wrong it will take to you somewhere else in the quiz. However, when you get to the “end” it will also take you somewhere else in the quiz so there is no submit button. The goal is to see how quickly students realize the quiz is never-ending as a fun prank.

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