What’s better – Padlet or Wakelet?

The criteria I used for this assignment included:
1. Ease of usability (how easy would it be for students to learn and use this program)
2. Customizability (how much can students customize and be creative with this program)
3. Accessibility (how accessible is this program, i.e. do students need to create an account, do students need to download an app, is it free?)

I really liked using Padlet for this assignment! I thought it was really fun and easy to use for students. I liked how there were multiple options of what students can create, such as a wall of posts, a shelf of information, a timeline and a world map. I really liked how much students could customize their work and be creative in choosing which setting would work best for their ideas. For example, I liked using a shelf organization method to compare the different representations of the seasons, however, a student could have used the canvas or wall organization method. This app was also very accessible and free, and students just had to sign up with an email address. I tried out Wakelet to create my collection, however, I liked Padlet better because I thought it was easier to use and had more options.I chose to create a shelf about different ways to represent the four seasons.

Overall, I think both of these resources would be great for students to use. I would love to have students create mood boards for characters in a book or create boards that would represent themselves and their interests.

4 Replies to “What’s better – Padlet or Wakelet?”

  1. Excellent both for the comparative reviews and the samples you created for each. The comparison works well because you use the same content for each – it’s very engaging content done with an artistic approach.

    I especially like that you begin by clearly setting out your criteria for comparison. Your opinion is well supported with specific evidence and your samples. First rate!

  2. Liz, I really enjoyed viewing this lesson. I feel that this would be such a fun lesson for students to create. As a viewer, both of these sites provided very organized ways of displaying the information.
    As mentioned by Prof Pappas, I also liked that you used the same content for comparison purposes.

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