One Sentence Storybook

One of my favorite lessons from my own second grade experience was writing my own fairy tale in a unit on genres of literature. I designed my Book Creator lesson with this unit, or a future unit that I could teach on fairy tales, in mind! This lesson is designed for second graders, and would serve as a chance for students to apply their knowledge of the beginning, middle, and end of a story (background/ rising action, climax, falling action/resolution). The students would be broken up into 3 groups – one group to write the beginning, one group to write the middle, and one group to write the end. Each student in each group would have a chance to write their own sentence that appropriately sets up the next sentence, showing them the importance of sequencing in a story and how every idea needs to work to further the next. Alternatively, since the students are in groups, it could also be that each group generates a certain number of sentences together, as opposed to each student writing one sentence. The students would then get to create their own pages in the book, on Book Creator, and at the end, there would be a class fairy tale. The book linked below should serve as a model – where I did everything in this case, students would get to create the entire thing themselves!

I enjoyed using book creator and thought it was very user friendly! I think second graders could be comfortable using it as a tool, perhaps with some of the more foundational elements like the background of the page or text boxes already set up for them to fill in. I can see this serving so many different purposes in the classroom and think it is an extremely valuable tool.

Featured Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

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  1. Claire, this project is so cute. I want to do it! I love have everyone work together towards a common goal, it creates a beautiful community!

  2. Such a great idea for a lesson. (Fun that it’s inspired by your own experience). I think your flow for managing the lesson is excellent and well designed. I like your scaffolding ideas for giving the students pre-formatted books as a starter.

    And what cute sample book – especially your use of silhouettes.

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