Beauty and the What?

For my final project, I created a lesson using Google Sites. This lesson is for second grade and has students compare and contrast fairytales by specifically looking at the character of the beast. It addresses the following two standards: 


Use information gained from the illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.


Compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story (e.g., Cinderella stories) by different authors or from different cultures.

The use of technology in this lesson enhances the learning goals by providing a space for students to visually compare and contrast animals that are seen as “beasts.” Simply saying the word “beast” or “serpent” will conjure a different image for different students based on their experiences and the context that they have heard those terms used in. By searching each of those words and sharing the images I found, the class has a visual common ground to discuss from. Whether they might classify those animals as beasts or not, seeing that someone linked the concept of “beast” to that animal can provide space for discussion and learning about other people’s understandings and how that might influence the creation of a character in a fairytale. 

I chose to use Google Sites as my platform for this lesson because it allowed for the necessary content to be organized. All the necessary resources and instructions for teaching this lesson can be found on the website. The website itself is designed as the lesson and the lesson plan with everything the teacher needs visible on the website or accessible via hyperlinks and embedded video. I created this website with the idea that I would teach with it and use the website as an instructional aid. However, this website could easily be transformed into an online learning experience for students to complete at home should there be inclement weather conditions or if I were teaching right now in this time of quarantine. The use of Google Sites also made it very easy to link my additional resources (websites, Google Docs, Google Slides, and EdPuzzle). In addition to the practicality of Google Sites, incorporating Google Slides as an additional technology piece allows for a fun and different way for students to be creative in designing a creature to play the “beast” in their own version of the story. At the same time, I would leave open the option to draw their beast by hand (and then I would help them upload a picture) so that my students can create and share their beast character in the way best suited to them!

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  1. Anna!

    You did a really great job at this final project assignment. I love how well thought out and organized your google site page is. The page is not cluttered with unnecessary pages and there are no dead links. The added images are great for students who need visuals.

    The standards align perfectly with your learning target/ goals for the second graders. The assignment does not seem complicated and manageable especially if students need to complete it at home.

    Thanks for sharing and great work!

  2. Awesome job Anna,
    I love this final project! I really appreciate the fact that you included a note for teachers on the front page that acts as a link for further instructions they may need for teaching this lesson. I think overall you did a great job at setting up this lesson so that it has a great flow and is easy to navigate.

    The visual images as well as the video you put for your students on the write your own page are great aids in making sure every student has the ability to be successful in completing this lesson!

  3. Anna, thank you for sharing your final project. What a fun lesson for students to engage in and a catchy title! I also like the fact that you included standards for your lesson.
    Your google website is very well organized and I am impressed by the amount of information and resources that are available on this site. Hopefully this can be something to use in the future!

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