It’s All Greek to Me

This lesson is designed for World History high school students to discuss Athens and Sparta. Students should come into the lesson with a background of the two. The purpose of this lesson is to refresh students on the differences and similarities between the two before giving them a Google Form quiz.


Questions to ask students:

-What struck you about Spartan society? The military, the role of women, the society itself?

-What were some certain goals of Sparta in wartime? Especially during the Peloponnesian War?

The instructor should reinforce the idea of Sparta as a militaristic Greek state and ask what this might mean and how it affected the Spartan way of life.


Questions to ask students:

-What struck you about Athenian society perhaps compared to Spartan society? The military, the role of women, citizenship, etc?

-What are some accomplishments of the Athenians that we still see today?

-Do you believe the Athenians were truly a democracy? Ask students to consider the class system and the power Athens held over their allies in the Delian League.

The instructor can take the opportunity to discuss the decline of Athens in relation to the rise of Rome which, depending on the curriculum, would be a topic the class discusses in the near future.

The Google Form Quiz

This quiz is designed in a way that allows students to chose which Greek society they want to be quizzed on. Students pick either Sparta or Athens and answer 5 questions on a certain society; each question is worth 2 points to a total of 10 points for each quiz.

Allowing students the choice of what they are quizzed on takes pressure of them, and it allows you as the instructor to see which society students may have liked. This type of testing also allows the instructor to see which society that students may need more instruction on depending on which society students pick overall. The instructor could even challenge students to take both or even have the second section be extra credit for students that may need it.

Here is the link for the form:

Currently, this quiz gives the feedback right away, but I would personally go over answers manually because some of the questions are designed with multiple answers and partial credit is not given manually by Google Forms. For the purpose of this post though, feedback is given right away.

To get the full experience of the quiz, it has been edited so that the end of the Athens section goes back to the beginning of the quiz so that you can get an idea of both tests while also getting a score for both sections.

Photo Citations

Featured Photo by Enric Domas on Unsplash

Spartan Cover Photo by gancheva on Pixaby

Athens Cover Photo by rygrech on Pixaby

4 Replies to “It’s All Greek to Me”

  1. Sophia,
    I like that students can choose which topic to be quizzed on! I also loved the images that went along with the variety of question formats.
    I am afraid I don’t know Greek history very well and I am curious what the automatic feedback is like (as the one on your post was edited so you return to the first choice).
    Overall, great quiz!

  2. Excellent use of Google forms to offer students some choice on task. Your questions and associated images are excellent. The feedback was well written and very supportive to mastery

  3. I love that students are able to choose the society that is most interesting to them! It really incorporates student strengths and interests. Something you could add to this lesson might be that after taking the quiz, group students with a partner who explored the other society and have them share their answers. This would allow each student to continue exploring their strengths while also getting the content knowledge of the other choice. Overall really great idea!

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