Different Deer Species in Washington State

Mule deer SW Wyoming on winter range

White-tailed Deer

Rattling no guarantee for black tail deer

For this lesson I’m going to explain how to identify different Deer species in the State of Washington. I would start the lesson by giving giving them a pre-test on what they know about deer. I would then go into lecture form with background infromation about deer. Then I would give them another pre-test and ask the students of they know what species of deer live in Washington state. I would then go onto teach and show them images about the three different deer species we have in Washington State. Then I would give them a pre-test and ask how they can tell the differences between the species. I would then lecture them on how to identify the differences of the different species. When the lesson is done I will have them take a post-test on all the previous questions and see what they learned, as well as show more pictures and ask them which deer is which species.

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