Why are Giraffes so tall?

For this lesson, I have created a simple Edpuzzle that includes National Geographic’s “Giraffes 101” video. This lesson was created as a technology resource for 1st – 3rd grade students. Perhaps this lesson could be added to a collection of lessons about animals. Students could then access that collection during free choice time, research, or even during a lesson.

I really enjoyed using Edpuzzle to create this lesson. I like the idea of being able to take a preexisting video and tailoring it to meet the needs of the lesson or students in the classroom. Edpuzzle made a simple video interactive and engaging for students as questions are asked along the way and the narration can vary. I also liked the feature that allows you to cut out content. I think Edpuzzle definitely a useful tool for elementary teachers!

Featured Image By: HowardWilks

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  1. Nice job using EdPuzzle to meet your instructional objectives. Your questions get at some of coolest facts about giraffes. Nicely done!

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