Creative Writing Prompt

Use your imagination! For your assignment, you will look at the images and pick one that stands out to you. You will use the image to prompt a story and practice your writing! After you have finished your story, you will share it with a peer.

A fishing boat aground on the beach of Chacachacare, the westernmost of the Bocas Islands in Trinidad and Tobago.
Option 1
View from the airplane
Option 2
Crater Lake in the winter time.
Option 3

Guiding Questions

  1. What about the image stands out to you?
  2. What events may have occurred before or after this image was captured?

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3 Replies to “Creative Writing Prompt”

  1. Great selection of images for prompts. So varied. But I especially like the shipwreck. What’s the story behind that?

  2. This is such a fun assignment, i would’ve loved it in late elementary school. It could be a fictional short story practice that can be just one day or drawn out over periods of time!

  3. This is a great lesson with intriguing pictures. I like the second question, students will be pulled in and engaged in this possible quick write activity.

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