Environmental Science Lesson

In this lesson students will explore the effects of deforestation. Students will observe and answer posed questions as the teacher and class discuss and point out observations in images shown below. As questions are posed, students may be directed to turn and talk to discuss their answers with a partner.

Guiding Questions:

What changes do you see as you look at the first picture and the second picture?

What might happen to a forest when all the trees have been cut down?

What do you think the birds are doing? What about other animals who live in the forest?

This is an image of a forest with trees that are green and leafy. The sun is shining through on different parts of the forest.
Forest / Green Leaf Trees During Day by Santtu Perkiö
This is an image of trees that have been limbed and cut down. The trees are laid in organized piles, awaiting to be moved.
Fallen Trees / Firewood on River photo by Ales Krivec
This is an image of birds flying in the sky, the birds are flying in the direction of the upper right area of the screen.
Birds / Flock of Silhouette of bird Illustration by Mehdi Sepehri

Featured Photo, Leafless Trees by Massimo Rivenci

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  1. I really like how you have the students compare the two photos of the forest. I also think your featured image does a good job of cluing the reader into what your post is about!

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