Final Project: Landmarks

By Amy Huang and Megan Bromley

The target audience of our final project is grade five. This is because we believe this technology is better suited for a higher elementary or middle school grade. In saying this, it could be modified to suit a younger grade. The subject of our lesson is landmarks. We will use in our project; Padlet, Google MyMaps and Google (to research) to involve students in a collaborative lesson designed to create engagement.

We are using technology in our lesson to enable students to see visually the landmarks they are researching, on a map. Students will work in pairs during the lesson to research their randomly given country and create their own MyMaps. At the end of our lesson, students have the opportunity to share their findings with their peers and have a discussion about the interesting landmarks they have found.

Made with Padlet

Link to create your own Google MyMaps: Google MyMaps

3 Replies to “Final Project: Landmarks”

  1. I liked how you used both Padlet and MyMaps to not only get an initial understanding of what students know, but also worked together with students to gain an understanding of landmarks. Having us create our own map was a great way to learn to use the tool.

  2. What a fun way to learn about landmarks! I love the visuals students can add to the landmarks and the information that they can share. Great presentation!!

  3. I like how you opened the lesson by asking us to define “landmark.” A great way to activate prior knowledge and not fall victim to giving kids a definition that we simply write down in our notes.

    Padlet served to both gather those definitions and later post our MyMaps – a smart “two for one.” You provided a clear intro to MyMaps and then assigned countries for us to create our own landmark collections. Lesson was smart and well organized.

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