Do You Know Your States Quiz

post by Madi Ohashi and Makamae Nottage

We created this lesson for 3rd graders as a pre test about the states and their locations. In this lesson, the students are asked to recognize the location of the specified states on a blank map. Students would only be tested on a few states to assess their knowledge. Then, the teacher would lead an activity about the states and eventually go over all 50 states. This quiz could be altered for every grade level by switching from states to capitals, cities, or landmarks. The post we created is for a starting point of understanding states, and over time students will begin to learn more about the states and be able to take other similar pretests about other aspects of the states.

2 Replies to “Do You Know Your States Quiz”

  1. I think this is a great activity! I like how you created it as a starting point for learning about states, but that it’s also adaptable for multiple grade levels. It would be fun if students could also learn information about each state as they are memorizing their locations. Great job!

  2. This is such a fun way for students to learn the states! This is a great study tool and a lot less daunting than filling them in on a big, blank map. I would totally use this in my classroom. It’s very easy to use. Love it!

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