Class 4: Explore Place with MyMaps

Places are locations having distinctive features that give them meaning and character that differs from other locations. Therefore, places are human creations, and people’s lives are grounded in particular places. We come from a place, we live in a place, and we preserve and exhibit fierce pride over places.

National Geography Standard 4: Place
Exploring Place with Google MyMaps

Google MyMaps is a great tool for visualizing place or creating tours. It works well with other Google tools and can be easily embedded in WordPress or shared via email. When you open a MyMap on your smartphone you can used it as a navigational tool. MyMaps gets saved in your Google Drive account for easy cataloging.

Class will begin with a MyMap demo and instruction on creating and sharing MyMaps.

Assignment 4: Design a MyMap | Completed Work 19-A4

Design a MyMap representation of a place that can support a learning activity. Try these prompts …

  • A community tour around school.
  • A real or fictional journey.
  • Explore the setting of a story.
  • Create a “timeline” using map layers.
  • Plot locations of habitats / geographic features.
  • Share an interactive map of a field trip with parents.
  • Make a map of authors you’ve read

Design your map using Google MyMaps and be sure to include at least 6 destinations. Attach about 10 content elements to the map – these could be photographs, videos or links to attractions. You may wish to design it as a walking or driving tour of your destinations. All content should be geotagged to the map at its actual location (or close to it).

When your map is complete, embed it in a blog post that details what you hoped to convey in your map, and/or what you learned from the experience.
(See video for embedding MyMap in WordPress below.)

What have I learned from this activity or how might I use MyMaps to support my instructional goals?

Scroll down for video instructions. Need ideas? Check out MyMaps Gallery and find more on MyMaps techniques.

MyMap How-to videos

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