Get to Know Me

I chose to make a map of my summer working on a Military Base this summer.

I would use this type of activity to have students map out a favorite vacation that they went on or what they did during the summer. I think that it would be a fun “get to know you” activity for the beginning of the year because it includes pictures and locations.

2 Replies to “Get to Know Me”

  1. I really like this idea for a project. It allows students to reflect on their summer activities and share them with the class, as well as get to know each other. It introduces a lot of concepts and could be a great way to start some continued conversations.

  2. I really like this activity! I think it’s a great idea to talk about what students did over the summer, but also could be used to talk about students backgrounds. This is great for a get to know you activity at the beginning of the year and can be used in different ways. Nice job!

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