Trigonometry Tools: Jamboard Warm-Up


Students will be asked to complete this warm-up activity to identify missing sides of specific triangles and apply trigonometry tools to refresh them on the work we have been doing during this Unit.

Target Group:

High School Geometry, ninth and tenth graders.


Students will be able to identify and solve for missing sides using our trigonometric ratios and tools.

Jamboard Link

Title Image: Photo by JF Martin on Unsplash

3 Replies to “Trigonometry Tools: Jamboard Warm-Up”

  1. I like how you include a sample as model for students. That serves to reinforce in a way that directions can never fully accomplish.

    Jamboard serves that warm up activity well and allows for a quick check for understanding. Demonstrates how Jamboard can be used to both deliver content and host student work.

  2. Dom,
    I like the way the different parts of the problem are separated and how you have a box for the known, unknown, the final answer, what I refer to as “what you need to know to solve” (or the trig identities/relationships) as well as a space for student work. This would definitely be a great warm-up activity. I could also see it being used as an exit activity too, after the trig information has been learned.

  3. Dom,
    I think this is a great way to use google draw for students to show their work! I like how you label each space so they would know how to organize their work and represent the problem! I think this could be a great practice or warm-up activity and definitely useful for remote learning environments.

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