Name That Island!

by Sabrina Pangelinan & Lauryn Nakashima

For our post, we are doing a “Name That Island” review, meant for fourth graders, where the student will need to drag the corresponding name to the correct island in the picture.  This is meant to be a review where as a class, we have learned where the islands are located previously.  The goal for the students is to be able to name all the Hawaiian Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands.  To use it with our students, we would have them use their computers to access the editable PowerPoint.  The students will then go through it and drag the name of the island to the correct island in the picture next to it.   

4 Replies to “Name That Island!”

  1. Good geography lesson. You might want to explain in the blog post that students would be using an “editable” version of the presentation.

  2. I like that this activity is about islands and not typical US states, but I think it would be cool if you added links to the islands that took students to websites with more information on them.

  3. This looks great! I think it would be fun with students, and I agree with Emily that information about the islands would be a great addition. I’m also curious as to what the previous lessons leading up to this activity look like. How are students learning island locations?

    1. Hi Sam!

      So, I remember when I was in elementary how important it was for us to know where we came from. The lesson leading up to this activity would be learning the history of our islands and being able to name them.

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