Road Trip Across America

Year 6


  • Students will be able to explore the United States by going on a virtual trip by interacting with different internet platforms.
  • Students will gain insight and ideas for their own road trip chapter books.
  • Students will observe what a city has to offer, such as food, historical landmarks, or places of entertainment.

For using this in the classroom with students I think I would use this as an introduction to writing a road trip chapter book. The presentation would give the students ideas on what they can do on their road trip and the types of places they can go to. Also the presentation shows them what kind of information they would need to look up in order for their road trip to seem real.

9 Replies to “Road Trip Across America”

  1. Hi Sherry!
    I love this activity! It is a fun and informative way to learn more about the United States. You also give multiple examples for students to use. Another activity you could do is to assig a student a state or let them choose, have them do their own research about the state, add to the google slides (with your assistance) & present it to the class.

  2. Love this activity! I like how it takes you to Google Earth. That way students can visualise the location and then read the information about it as well.

  3. This turned out great. You might consider adding a way to move from one destination to the next. Maybe a link back to intro USA map to pick another spot?

    Oops, I just figured out that compass in lower right does that!

  4. Omg this is super fun! This would be awesome to use in the classroom, and I even remember doing the same type of activity on websites when I was elementary. The best part: we know how to do it on our own now!

  5. This is so cool! I love the travel book idea but this could really be used for anything, including having older kids make their own google slides of their favourite places they’ve been!

  6. This is a very awesome interactive. I like how it takes you to different websites in order to explore the attractions/ go-to things in the state.

  7. I love the interactive idea of creating a map that takes you to different attractions on a road trip! One thing that would be good, though it would take some extra time would be to make a way for students to choose what their first, second, third, etc. destination is. Also having a link available for students to go back to the main map would help a lot. This is a great idea that kids could create themselves too, and make their own interactive road trip.

  8. This is such a great activity! It allows students to interact with the cities in new ways and gives perspectives and resources that they otherwise might not have worked with before. I would love to use this with a class!

  9. Sherry this looks like such a fun activity! You could easily add in more states or switch up the states to travel to different parts of the country. Great project.

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