The Australian Quiz

This activity is a quiz students can complete individually or as a class about Australia. This was designed to be used as an activity for students in 5th/6th grade who study Geography and other countries. It could be used as an introduction or concluding activity about the topic of Australia. The objective/goals of this activity is to help students broaden their knowledge of another country and give them worldly knowledge. Although this can’t be directly monitored by the teacher if students complete this individually, the quiz tells students if their answer is correct or incorrect. This allows students to find the correct answer. The concept of a quiz such as this can be applied to many other topics in Geography, History, Mathematics and even English.

5 Replies to “The Australian Quiz”

  1. I love that the students get immediate feedback on the questions and I like that you mention this could be used for other subjects as well!

  2. This activity would a cool activity to do at the beginning and end of the unit to see how far students have come. I love this activity, good job!

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