In this EdPuzzle, I used a math video and added quiz questions to engage viewers while watching. I loved how easy this was to insert your own questions, find educational videos, and collect the data from students. I think being able to prevent skipping ahead in the video, using multiple choice and open ended questions, and adding audio (which I didn’t do in this video), would be a great tool to give students extra help, use as a formative assessment, or even as homework for reviewing a lesson. I also think making quick videos like this would act as good pre-assessments, if you were to assign a video to students a day before you were to start teaching a new lesson, it be a good way to introduce a topic. The teacher site is very helpful and easy to use, allows you to see how far students got and their scores, and assigning a due date. I can definitely see myself using this if I am in a classroom/community where computers are available!

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