TEDED: Oceans and Climate Change

TEDED is a fun app that enables you to take a video from YouTube and add questions about the content. You are able to write multiple choice questions and free response questions for the students to answer. These questions are designed to be answered after the students have already viewed the video. If they get the question incorrect, a hint is provided, sending the student to the correct place in the video to find the answer. Within this app, there is a discussion portion. Students can add comments about what they learned and bounce ideas off of one another.

At first I was disappointed that the questions did not pop up as the video played, however this is a good way to test student comprehension at the end.

I created a TEDED video about our oceans and how climate change is affecting them. Enjoy! 🙂

2 Replies to “TEDED: Oceans and Climate Change”

  1. I like the topic for your TedEd video! I think it’s very informative and students will also be engaged in the content. I think TedED videos would be great for upper elementary grades. I didn’t like how it doesn’t pause the video and let you ask the questions, but I think it’s still a great tool to use. I like how it provides a hint if you get a question incorrect – I think that’s a great idea for students.

  2. I really like this TedDd and I see the connection with your 447 oceans unit! Way to use your project constructively.

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