The Moon – Edpuzzle

I was part of the group that looked at Edpuzzle and I really liked it. I loved how you could add questions for students to answer throughout the video. I also liked how there was a wide range of videos to choose from including Youtube, Crash Course and Ted Talks.

I chose a video from Crash Course about the Moon. This video is designed for older students as the video is technical. I thought it was very interesting and informative, despite not knowing much about space initially. The video could be used as an introduction or as an ending to a lesson or series of lessons.

Overall, I think this is a great tech tool to use in the classroom. I would use it to make my own video with questions and then get students to watch and answer them as they go.

3 Replies to “The Moon – Edpuzzle”

  1. I loved your video! The questions were challenging but not too difficult and keeps students engaged. I could see this being used as a study guide. Great post!

  2. Great job Megan! I love Crash Course videos and think this is perfect for older grades. It’s educating and entertaining. The questions were thought provoking too! 🙂

  3. Hi Megan! I like the video you chose! I also agree that the questions you had were challenging, but nothing to hard. I could definitely see myself using this app in my future classroom.

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