TEDEd Post: What is a Habitat?

TEDEd is a great resource to ensure that students are comprehending and getting the most out of educational videos. I liked that adding the question, discussion, and dig deeper options is applicable to any YouTube video. This could include Screencasts and one take videos created by the teacher. TEDEd has many pre-made lessons that can be used by students if the teacher does not wish to make their own. The creator of the lesson has access to student answers to multiple choice and discussion questions. This resource could be a fun and engaging summative assessment. The teacher can take students’ answers to build the next lesson, clarifying information that may have been confusing from the video.

3 Replies to “TEDEd Post: What is a Habitat?”

  1. Really like your ideas here! looks like it is something you can use in the classroom that has many benefits.

  2. I agree that this would be a fun and engaging way for teachers to assess students! I like how you can use your own videos too.

  3. I like how there are different areas to assess students. There is a comment, Quiz, and a further research area for them to look deeper.

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