Photosynthesis Song

I chose to use edPuzzle to help gauge student understanding while watching the video on the Photosynthesis Song. I like that the questions pop up as they are going through the video allowing students to recall information that was just presented to them. Questions coming in the form of short answer or multiple choice and the multiple choice can have more than one answer or one singular answer. There is also the option to have comments pop up while watching that can point out important parts of the video.

I could see using this program in a variety of different ways in the classroom in order to gauge student learning.

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  1. Hi Katie!
    This is a great video to introduce photosynthesis! You tie in what they know about it in the beginning and make sure they pay attention to the video by adding questions about it throughout it! I think the hard thing about this is finding good videos to use, but when you find one, this would be a great tool to use!

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