EdPuzzle: Gotta Eat!

I tested out VideoAnt, and then switched over to creating an EdPuzzle because I liked the formatting for the website better. On EdPuzzle, I find it really cool that the online video library is so vast, and that it is possible to find videos that already have quizzes, and audio notes on it. On top of that, the user is able to edit the video and add questions to it.

I created an EdPuzzle video about eating, with the purpose of educating students about how every living thing needs food, not just humans! I aimed the video at a kindergarten or grade 1 level. Because the students are so young, I would show the video to the class on the projector, and go through the questions together. I would read the questions out loud, and have students raise their hands and share ideas. The video could be incorporated at the beginning of a lesson/unit to give students an introduction into our new topic on food and eating healthy.

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  1. Great vid! kids would love to interact with this video! also super easy to implement into your classroom.

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