Class 5: Showcase Learning with Google Sites

In today’s class we’ll learn how to create a website using Google sites. Sites are free and become part of your content stored in Google Drive. Sites can easily showcase content you have created using Google docs, slides, forms, MyMaps or YouTube videos. Note: be sure to use the new (not classic) google sites.

We will begin by exploring some Hyperdoc lesson ideas (learning activities designed using the Google Suite.) Students will use some of their favorite lessons as content for their Google site.

Assignment 5: Design a Google site | Completed work 19-A5

Working solo or with a partner, design a Google site with at least 7 pages. Students should then get a screenshot of their Google site and use it to share their site (with URL) in a blog post on our site. (How to video below) They can write a brief critique of ease of use of the Google suite of educational tools – slides, docs, MyMaps, sites.

Each page should have a unique header image and the feature one of the following content elements:

  • A start page that showcases the site
  • Three pages with embedded version of your 3 favorite Hyperdoc lesson ideas plus a brief explanation of why you like it.
  • One page with your MyMap lesson (embedded) plus a description
  • One page with your Google slides lesson (embedded) plus a description
  • One page with an instructional YouTube video and what you like about it
G Sites Learning Center
Get started with Google Sites
Get a screenshot of your Google site to use as a visual link

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