Tech Savvy Site

This site displays the tools we’ve learned in class to help other teachers find ways to use them in their rooms. All these resources are really helpful in designing new and engaging activities for students and utilizes technology so I made it the tech savvy teacher website.

I can’t wait to use this to make a super useful class website that has updates, news, and student work on it!

Our Mini Lessons

By Lauren Alvarez & Audrey Muller

Here is a collection of mini lessons we have created. They range from discovering glaciers around the world to English lessons about pigs and pancakes. Included is an instructional video comparing different baking styles and their results- helping you find your perfect recipe!

Collection of Engaging Lessons

This google site I created was a great way to synthesize different resources onto one accessible site. I loved how all of the different forms of activities modified their formats to fit on the site. I can definitely see myself using this resource later and creating other sites for my students, whether it be for projects, lessons, or even as a database for other teachers.

My Google Site

This is the first site I have ever published! I think it is pretty cool to be able to create a site and it was super user friendly. This is great to know for the future and is something I would use to teach students about all different topics. It could also be used by students to create individual or group projects.

This site includes HyperDoc Lessons about 2016 Rio Olympics, creating a US road trip and the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Additionally, it includes a Google MyMap of the Natural Wonders of Australia and a quiz about Australia/Australian life. It also has an instructional video for students about the five senses.

Ed Tech Methods

Google Sites is an amazing way to keep all your favorite educational, technical, whimsical methods in one place. All of the tools used within the site, including MyMaps and Google Slides, are all super user-friendly and easy to master. No matter what the purpose or reason behind your use of these tools, THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS. Whether you’re designing a visual, creating a lesson, or planning a trip!

Google Site: Educational Tech. Resources

This Google Site was very easy to create and all of the google tools such as My Maps and Google Slides work well together. These google educational tools can be used in a multitude of ways including sharing them with students, other teachers, parents or for personal use. This specific website hyperlinked above has separate pages with embedded projects and lessons that can be used in school settings.

Our Google Site

By Katie and Sydney

This is our introductory Google Site that includes our favorite HyperDoc lessons on Courage, Saving our Planet, and Plants and Animal cells. It also includes some other lessons that we prepared previously such as: a “get-to-know-you” activity about summer vacation or a favorite trip using MyMaps, an activity on “Misconceptions about Evolution” using interactive Google slideshow, and an instructional YouTube Video about photosynthesis.

Google Sites was user friendly and is something that we could see us using in our classroom in the future