Google Site: Educational Tech. Resources

This Google Site was very easy to create and all of the google tools such as My Maps and Google Slides work well together. These google educational tools can be used in a multitude of ways including sharing them with students, other teachers, parents or for personal use. This specific website hyperlinked above has separate pages with embedded projects and lessons that can be used in school settings.

3 Replies to “Google Site: Educational Tech. Resources”

  1. It’s super nice that you could use any of these tools in a million ways! Super diverse and applicable for a variety of settings.

  2. I like how everything on your website matches, looks simple and is easy to follow. I also liked your instructional video on sign language! I think creating sites in the future will be really handy for teachers to make for our classrooms, and yours is a great start to being a place to hold all your resources.

  3. I thought your website was very easy to use, which would be good for students. I feel like this tool would be very good for teachers and students to use in the classroom.

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