Our Google Site

By Katie and Sydney

This is our introductory Google Site that includes our favorite HyperDoc lessons on Courage, Saving our Planet, and Plants and Animal cells. It also includes some other lessons that we prepared previously such as: a “get-to-know-you” activity about summer vacation or a favorite trip using MyMaps, an activity on “Misconceptions about Evolution” using interactive Google slideshow, and an instructional YouTube Video about photosynthesis.

Google Sites was user friendly and is something that we could see us using in our classroom in the future

2 Replies to “Our Google Site”

  1. I really like the home page of your google site. All of your pages are organized and this website would be a great resource to share with other teachers in the school you are working at!

  2. I really like how for the activities you explained the pros and cons for it! This is really helpful for teachers who may want to use the activities in their classrooms.

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