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This is the first site I have ever published! I think it is pretty cool to be able to create a site and it was super user friendly. This is great to know for the future and is something I would use to teach students about all different topics. It could also be used by students to create individual or group projects.

This site includes HyperDoc Lessons about 2016 Rio Olympics, creating a US road trip and the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Additionally, it includes a Google MyMap of the Natural Wonders of Australia and a quiz about Australia/Australian life. It also has an instructional video for students about the five senses.

3 Replies to “My Google Site”

  1. I like the overall look of your Google Site! It is very easy to follow and I like all of the lessons that you chose, my favorite being your maps lesson! It really made me want to visit Australia one day, and can give people great ideas on what attractions to visit!

  2. Hi Megan!
    I like the different random lessons you have on your google site, it was fun and interesting to navigate through! I also like how your descriptions for each page is simple but straight to the point. Great job!

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