Our Mini Lessons

By Lauren Alvarez & Audrey Muller

Here is a collection of mini lessons we have created. They range from discovering glaciers around the world to English lessons about pigs and pancakes. Included is an instructional video comparing different baking styles and their results- helping you find your perfect recipe!

3 Replies to “Our Mini Lessons”

  1. I really enjoyed looking through this Google Site! I love how there is a variety of lessons, ranging from English to history. My favorite was the maps lessons because I didn’t know about all of those glaciers, and it seems like something fun that students will be interested in!

  2. Hi Lauren & Audrey!
    I love how kid-friendly your mini-lessons are! They are all fun and informative lessons that I believe students will love to explore! Great job!

  3. These lessons are fantastic! I loved how easy it is to navigate and understand, and your descriptions are very clear. Can definitely see teachers suing this as a resource!

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