Class 3: Interactive Lessons with Google Slides

We will begin our look at Google tools with Google Slides. Students will work in teams to explore some sample Google slide activities here.

They will select one of the activities and prepare a short presentation to class on:

  • How is it designed – features, interactions, navigation, external assets.
  • It’s instructional goals
  • What they liked / disliked about it. For example, ease of use?
  • How it could be modified and used in other learning activities.
Assignment 3: Design a learning activity with Google slides | Completed work 19-A3

Working alone, or in a team of two, students will design a learning activity using Google slides. They will embed the slide activity in a blog post that describes

  • Target student audience
  • Lesson goals
  • How you would use it with students
Set up sharing and embed finished slideshow in WordPress post

Use This “Make a Copy” Trick When Sharing Google Drive Documents

Video guides working with Google Slides

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