I choose to make a mind map about the characteristics of The Avengers. I personally think that it is easier to make mind maps by hand and it would be less time consuming. To make the actual map was simple, but the bummer part is that the mind map can not be interactive or visual. The mind map is all text based, so not good for visual learners to use. Also to use the full capabilities of the application you are required to sign up and pay, which is not going to be feasible on a teachers salary.

I would not recommend using this application in the classroom. It does not have any fun amenities and it would be easier on the teacher and students just to do the mind map on paper.


Learn About Europe!

This lesson is a KWL chart about Europe, made using Padlet. This lesson is geared towards 4th graders to have them learn about a different continent. This lesson is asking different questions that students would be interested in learning about Europe. It is a great way for students to learn in a fun way, while also gaining knowledge and learning new things about Europe!

KWL Chart of Dr. Seuss

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? He has a holiday named after him on his birthday, March 2nd! I believe it is important to acknowledge him and appreciate all the children’s books he has created. One way I could acknowledge and appreciate Dr. Seuss’ work is by doing a KWL chart using Padlet about him with my students on his birthday/holiday. First, we would meet together as a group and discuss what we know about Dr. Seuss and come up with questions on what we want to know about him (we would add the information to Padlet). Then, I would pass out a sheet full of facts about Dr. Seuss and have students go over it with a partner. Lastly, we would come back together, answer the questions we wanted to know and add them to Padlet.

All About Me Padlet

I made a Padlet for my future classroom. I made a shelf format Padlet for students to input information about themselves. Students can easily add information about themselves from the given prompts. I used celebrities to make examples of how students should input their information. Each student can then press the ‘add column’ button and add their own information. As student’s information slowly start to come in it will line up and people can see facts about their classmates in one document.

I can see myself using Padlet in the future, because it was very easy to use and read from. I really enjoyed learning all about Padlet!

What do we know about The Ocean – Padlet

Padlet is an online program that allows several individuals to collaborate on ideas, sharing, commenting, and contributing. After logging into an account, you have the option to create a Padlet from scratch, or use of the many existing templates, such as KWL chart (as seen below), a storyboard, a question and answer chart, and a flow chart.

Click for link to Padlet KWL About The Ocean

This program can be used in a classroom to encourage students to share their ideas. It allows for all students to be able to see what their classmates are thinking, yet provides independent work time. It also gives students who are quiet, the opportunity to feel comfortable sharing their opinions. I highly recommend this site for classroom conversations and to enhance the learning experience.

What do we know about Tigers?

This was created by using Padlet. Padlet was pretty easy to use in comparison to Popplet. You can use a variety of different templates or create your own template. I made a KWL chart all about Tigers by using the template they provided. For this chart students can state what they know, what they want to know and what they learnt. Additionally, I added another two columns which are interesting facts and questions you might have. I added the last column for students to ask questions about Tigers or even about using Padlet itself. Teachers can use Padlet to show information about a topic or to demonstrate to students how they can use it for a project. I think this is a great tool for teachers and students to use.

Mind Mapping: USA Biomes

  • The app is super easy to use and student friendly
  • In the right hand corner there is a “How To” in the App
  • I would use this as a assignment where students are to work in groups and create a learning map
  • The students can visually see information.
  • I can have students make a phylogenic tree.

Collaborative Poetry on Padlet

I chose to use Padlet for a classroom poetry project. We are currently doing a similar version in my current classroom but with paper that we pass around and write on. Using Padlet makes this much easier because all students can log on and collaborate at the same time. The teacher puts five different animals with pictures on Padlet. The students then log in and post one word that comes to mind when they think of each animal, and there can’t be any repeats. We will then use these words to create concrete poems as a class.

I really like Padlet and think it could be used for such a wide variety of activities in the classroom. It allows for students to be collaborative and share ideas instantly.

PADLET Study Tool

This padlet uses a mindmap format as a tool to help students learn scientific classification. If a teacher was to invite students to edit the padlet, they could answer the questions as a way to help them study and review information. At the end, they are told to make their own flowchart to classify their favorite animal, which gets them using technology to study.

I love how this app is organized and easy to use. The flowchart is simple and customizable to fit any type of lesson. You can even insert videos, links, pictures, gifs, and audio. I will definitely use this app to get student feedback, vote on or rate certain things, make KWL charts, share one thing they’ve learned as an ‘exit ticket’ or brainstorm new ideas. I think mind maps especially are helpful for organizing information in a simplistic, visual, chronological or hierarchical way that is easy to remember.

Bubbl.us for Esteban Plano (Flat Stanley)

This is a great tool for helping to create things like a chart about a book. Being able to connect the pieces together is very useful and the colors help as a visual aid. Being able to project this instead of having to write everything out on paper is really useful for a class. Students could also make their own individual ones to showcase what they know so those who struggle with writing can type it out.


A Padlet Review of Padlet

Click on the preview of the Padlet above and you will be taken on an educational adventure — reviewing a Padlet whilst visiting a Padlet. Crafty right? I know! Check out some FAQs of this mind mapping website, including reviews, tips, and learning benefits of the site.

All about Bubbl.us

Bubbl.us is a ‘free’ app to use for mind mapping. I say ‘free’ because the user is only allowed to make three mind maps with a registered account. After the third mind map, the user will have to pay for an account. The app is easy to navigate and makes a basic mind map. The mind map I created is about emotions, and I was hoping to add in photos of emotions and then have a second bubble attached to each picture that gives a bit of info about the emotion. Unfortunately, I was not able to do so because I have to pay to add photos to the mind map. A good aspect of the app is that the user is able to change the colors of each bubble as well as the background, which gives the user the capability to at least be a little creative. The user is also able to download the map as a jpg or pdf. Bubbl.us could be helpful in classrooms when students need to create a diagram about a certain topic, but overall, the app does not have very many capabilities.