What do we know about The Ocean – Padlet

Padlet is an online program that allows several individuals to collaborate on ideas, sharing, commenting, and contributing. After logging into an account, you have the option to create a Padlet from scratch, or use of the many existing templates, such as KWL chart (as seen below), a storyboard, a question and answer chart, and a flow chart.

Click for link to Padlet KWL About The Ocean

This program can be used in a classroom to encourage students to share their ideas. It allows for all students to be able to see what their classmates are thinking, yet provides independent work time. It also gives students who are quiet, the opportunity to feel comfortable sharing their opinions. I highly recommend this site for classroom conversations and to enhance the learning experience.

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  1. Hi Audrey!
    I love how we can create KWL charts with Padlet because it is something our students can do with us rather than adding everything ourselves. Your Padlet touches an important subject and issue we’re facing today. Very informative and creative! Great job!

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