Inferring as Detectives – Interactive Slides

By Anna Wanner and Claire Nelson

This lesson is designed for students in grades 3-5 to help them practice making inferences. The lesson puts the students in the role of a detective on the hunt for clues to solve a mystery. The students are able to go with their initial inference and explore further, while also giving them the option to change their mind when they gather more information. These slides are designed to encourage the students to infer and alter those inferences as they gather new information. This could be done as a whole group lesson, as a station in learning centers, or even individually if every student had access to a personal device.

Featured Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

4 Replies to “Inferring as Detectives – Interactive Slides”

  1. Such a cool idea for teaching inference. Will certainly motivate students. I explored a bit and I think it may need some fine tuning. It seems like anyone I pick from suspect list – sends me to Sam.

  2. This is really fun! A great way to get kids to actually practice inferring while having a good time. You could create multiple stories of different kinds to help them practice inferring as well! Your students will be so lucky to have you guys as teachers.

  3. I love this post girls! I also find it helpful for my read aloud for another ED class on inferring. Great connections and was actually a good review for me and super fun.

  4. Anna and Claire, this is a great lesson to engage students in practicing inferences. Giving students the job of being a detective is a great way to get the class interested!

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