Being a Good Friend Interactive Slides

These slides are intended for young students aged Pre-K through 2nd grade. Some children may need help reading the questions and answers, but should be able to click on the choices on their own. The goal of this activity is for students to practice making kind choices in common scenarios. By choosing the option that a good friend would choose, students are able to move on to the next question. By choosing the option that may result in more harm than good, students will have to try the question again. I would either have the adults of the house sit with the child at the begging of the school year or during a particularly rough patch and go through this at home, or have the whole class on computers/tablets and go through the choices together, explaining further why one is right and one is wrong.

Featured Image: friendship by Nithinan Tatah from the Noun Project

5 Replies to “Being a Good Friend Interactive Slides”

  1. A thoughtful and engaging way to explore making kind choices. From a “technical” point of view, it’s well executed. All your links work for flawless navigation.

  2. Great presentation Jessica – this is a really great topic to work through with kids at the younger grades, and I like how this also helps them practice the decision making process.

  3. Jessica, this presentation is fun and engaging, I like how you used this interactive lesson for a topic about friendship. I feel that students will begin to reflect and connect upon their own actions as a friend while they engage in this lesson and think about their own experiences.

  4. I think this is a great idea! Like Claire said, really good for the younger grades. It also allows them to work on kindly solving problems between each other.

  5. This is a really reasonable activity to do at any age. I think that so often, we try to teach the academic side of things, that it is hard to remember our students are growing as tiny human beings all the time!

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