Feelings and Colors- Quiz

This is a interactive Google Slides quiz about how colors correspond with feelings. This quiz is for kindergarten through first grade and will be used to test the students on their knowledge of the different colors and which of those colors go with what emotion. Students will be given a scenario about how a classmate is feeling and will have to choose the correct color for each classmate’s emotion.

Featured Image by Gino Crescoli on Pixabay

Portland Bridges

This is an interactive Google Slides quiz about the Portland Bridges. The Portland Public School curriculum requires that third grade students have a unit on bridges in Portland. I created this interactive quiz in order to let my students review their bridges while using technology. My hope is that my students will be able to work in groups to create their own interactive Google Slides quiz or game for the bridge unit at some point once they have the logistics figured out!

Polygon Practice

by Liz Frick, Josie Matz, Ellie Cordova

Polygon Practice with color sheets.  For this activity, students will be practicing their knowledge of the shapes vocabulary by creating a color coded mosaic based on shapes and polygons. Students will have to pick a shape name, for example a pentagon, and chose the color to fill in all the pentagons in the following mosaic. This activity is intended for middle school students, but can be altered to other grade levels depend on what shapes are included.

Clocks and Schedules


Authors: Kali Tagomori-Lai & Alexis Henderson

For this lesson, students will practice telling time by using their knowledge of clocks in order to tell time on different style clocks. By connecting the times to the class schedule students are able to find meaning in the assignment as it is relevant to their day to day schedule. *intended for grades 2-3

Photos source: google copyright free

Flags and Fractions

Authors: Chloe Mar and Braelyn Higdon

This lesson is for second grade students. This could be used as an activity with students in partners, as a warm up activity, or informal assessment to see where the students are at. The goal of this lesson is to show that the students can identify simple fractions in real life. Students will use flags to investigate the prompts on each slide.

Picture Source: Jason Leung

Inferring as Detectives – Interactive Slides

magnifying glass on a book

By Anna Wanner and Claire Nelson

This lesson is designed for students in grades 3-5 to help them practice making inferences. The lesson puts the students in the role of a detective on the hunt for clues to solve a mystery. The students are able to go with their initial inference and explore further, while also giving them the option to change their mind when they gather more information. These slides are designed to encourage the students to infer and alter those inferences as they gather new information. This could be done as a whole group lesson, as a station in learning centers, or even individually if every student had access to a personal device.

Featured Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Being a Good Friend Interactive Slides

Heart with a chain behind three friends

These slides are intended for young students aged Pre-K through 2nd grade. Some children may need help reading the questions and answers, but should be able to click on the choices on their own. The goal of this activity is for students to practice making kind choices in common scenarios. By choosing the option that a good friend would choose, students are able to move on to the next question. By choosing the option that may result in more harm than good, students will have to try the question again. I would either have the adults of the house sit with the child at the begging of the school year or during a particularly rough patch and go through this at home, or have the whole class on computers/tablets and go through the choices together, explaining further why one is right and one is wrong.

Featured Image: friendship by Nithinan Tatah from the Noun Project