A Bad Poem About Technology

Whether it wakes you up early or keeps you up late,
whether you swipe left or find a date, 
whether you learn something new or fall for click bait, 
whether you take a selfie or share what you just ate,
whether you are getting a ticket or directions to the interstate, 
whether you are gaming alone or with a mate, 
whether you scroll or give Twitter an update,
whether you type or have Siri dictate, 
whether my students do their work or use Google translate,
a world of technology awaits. 

I am about as embarrassed of this poem as I am about how much time I spend on Twitter: very. But, it does speak some truth. I use technology for everything. I mean everything. Technology is how I feel safe as a woman walking alone, it is how I have any idea how to get where I am going, and it is how I stay connected to so many people in my life that I wouldn’t usually be able to.

Technology does in fact:

  • Keep me up late scrolling through social media.
  • Wake me up early with my terrible, terrible alarm clock.
  • Used to find me (really, really bad) dates.
  • Help me learn how to do pretty much everything (today I learned what a light in my car means, oil changed are important).
  • Make me fall for clickbait, a lot.
  • Take too many selfies.
  • Post a picture anytime I don’t burn the food I am cooking so people think I have my life together.
  • Buy tickets for everything that I can’t actually afford.
  • Get me to where I need to be- don’t ask me for directions.
  • Connect with my friends who I miss dearly.
  • Give updates on Twitter all day, everyday.
  • Sneakily text at work with Siri.
  • and help my students cheat on their Spanish homework.

And we all know that the list continues farther than we can all possibly imagine. Basically, as much as I do not like it and wish I lived in a world without technology where I just frolicked through a field and ate fruit all day, technology really helps me get through the day and I anxiously await what it brings into our lives next.

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