Cinderella’s Across The World – Jamboard

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Context of Activity: Diagram – Venn Diagram

Instructions for Students:

1.) Follow the link to our Jamboard.

2.) Find your group’s slide, it will match your breakout room number.

3.) Add your names to the slide.

4.) Read or Listen to the alternative Cinderella story

5.) Compare the alternative Cinderella story to Disney’s Cinderella using a Venn Diagram.

6.) Be prepared to share with the class!

Teacher Notes:

  • Text must be provided to students. Depending on setting it may be physical copy, or there are youtube video read aloud for students to follow.
  • Lesson may be altered for your group of students, any traditional fairy tales may be used.
  • This activity may be better fit with an aid, teacher or other adult facilitating the small groups.

Goal :

The goal is, students will be able to use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two fairy tale stories. This Jamboard will help meet the goal by providing students a organized space to collaborate with their group on a Venn Diagram.

Featured Image: Photo by McGill Library on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Cinderella’s Across The World – Jamboard”

  1. First off – it’s a fascinating topic- how stories / folk tales persist across different cultures. Interesting to see what elements remain the same, and which change.

    Your lesson is a great way for students to explore and make their own observations. Your instructions are clearly described and easy for teachers to replicate or adapt. A good example of how to use Jamboard in the classroom.

  2. Hi Marissa, I love that this activity is centered around Cinderella– a story we are all familiar with– and then branches out to include a variety of cultures. I think that grounding content in familiarity is a great way to increase engagement. I also like your use of Jamboard to create a Venn Diagram. One question I have is whether or not Jamboard allows you to embed audio– it would be really cool if the students could access the stories while working on their Jamboard page.

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