The Three Branches Of The United States Government

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The purpose of this activity is for reviewing. This would come at the end of a unit on the branches of the US government in 5th grade. This activity allows them to lay out their ideas while also creating a usable study tool for the whole class. It could also allow students to clear up any misconceptions or confusion. If you didn’t want to do this online, you could also do this activity on big pieces of paper and using actual sticky notes, but this way allows students to still have access to it at home.

Instructions and the groups for the assignment.

Click here to go to the Jamboard!

The goal of this activity is to clear up any confusion before the summative assessment on the functions of the branches, as well as the organizations that complete these functions. Jamboard’s ability to easily move around the sticky notes allows for students to make mistakes, but easily correct them.

Below are the three slides with the different branches that the designated groups are to work on.

The judicial branch slide (Group 1)
The legislative branch slide (Group 2)
The executive branch slide (Group 3)

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  1. Great idea for using Jamboard as a reviewing tool. It looks very manageable in either a virtual or face-to-face classroom. The tree branch graphic is a clever touch

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