Escribe Su Historia: A Jamboard Storyboard Activity

This Jamboard activity is using a storyboard with pictures provided for students to allow them to form their own stories in Spanish. Students are given images and asked to use vocabulary words from their current unit to write captions for the pictures and create a cohesive story. Students would work in teams on different Jamboard slides and then share their unique story with the class. This is an activity I would do with mid-level Spanish students (Spanish 1 and 2).

Instructions for Students:

1.) With your assigned group, examine the photos provided on your storyboard Jamboard.

2.) Using all of the vocabulary words from the word bank, write full sentences to create a caption for each image using the text box feature on Jamboard.

3.) Create a cohesive story with your group by captioning each picture.

4.) Be prepared to share your story with the class so we can compare and contrast our different stories that we made with the same images.

Goals for this lesson:

The main goal for this lesson is for students to begin crafting their own Spanish sentences and stories using the vocabulary provided and be able to create a cohesive story as a team. This is a low stakes way for students to begin writing creatively in Spanish and showing their knowledge of the language. Students would be encouraged to focus on meaning rather than perfect grammatical accuracy.

2 Replies to “Escribe Su Historia: A Jamboard Storyboard Activity”

  1. Great idea for using Jamboard to teach language. A low risk activity for students who have the scaffolding of images and a “word bank.”

    A fun selection of images that invites some clever interpretations. It’s good that you provide an opportunity for students to share their creations. A good chance to explore how their peers may have interpreted in novel ways.

  2. Hi Cierra, I love that using Jamboard for this activity gives students their own place to work but also allows for collaboration and creation together!

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