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I grew up with technology as it was advancing. I had a NES when it came out, SNES when it came out, I have had every PlayStation as they came out, I build my own PCs for gaming, and generally enjoy the internet and its collection of knowledge at a click of a button. I had a rotary phone at one point in my life, that was hardwired into the house, now I have a computer that just happens to make phone calls, track my sleep, make recommendations, and spy on me, in my pocket all day long. There are two main areas of technology that I think are the most used in my house:

Technology is the answer to all of my children’s questions:

“You know” I say, “You can look things up for yourselves, you have the same tools I do.”

“But I am using mine”

“I was using mine too! You can’t really pause this game man, I’m in a dungeon!”

“Yeah but you know how to look stuff up, you’re in college and stuff!”

“Just open Google, and type in your question, then the magic box spits out your answer.”

<blank stare in teenager>

*%&#, we just wiped. Let me put the tank on auto follow and look it up really quick, what do you need?”

“How many cups are in a gallon, we are trying to make a cake but don’t know if we have enough, but it looks like its enough, and we just want to double check before we waste anything.”

<stares in defeat>

Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

Technology facilitates communication:

“Did you get me anything from Dutch Bros.”

“Did you reply to the text I sent you asking if you wanted anything?”

“I was busy watching a video, I didn’t see any text.”

“Did you answer the phone when I called you?”

“I keep it on silent, I don’t like using it!”

“I guess that’s why I have this delicious Dutch Bros. and you have water.”

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Photo by Hugo Brightling on Unsplash

Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

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