All about is a ‘free’ app to use for mind mapping. I say ‘free’ because the user is only allowed to make three mind maps with a registered account. After the third mind map, the user will have to pay for an account. The app is easy to navigate and makes a basic mind map. The mind map I created is about emotions, and I was hoping to add in photos of emotions and then have a second bubble attached to each picture that gives a bit of info about the emotion. Unfortunately, I was not able to do so because I have to pay to add photos to the mind map. A good aspect of the app is that the user is able to change the colors of each bubble as well as the background, which gives the user the capability to at least be a little creative. The user is also able to download the map as a jpg or pdf. could be helpful in classrooms when students need to create a diagram about a certain topic, but overall, the app does not have very many capabilities.

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  1. Makamae,
    While the simplicity of can be boring for older students (who may want to add features that are more fun and complex) I think it is useful for some of the younger kiddos, who may only be able to master a few of the technical skills at a time!

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