Bubble.us is an app that allows someone to map out their thoughts in regard to a certain topics. It can be used for anything such as a family tree to writing out prompts for an essay. One thing about it is that it is relatively simple as it does not allow anything fancy such as embedding links or pictures. Anything extra may cost the user money in order to use the function. While making the mindmap, users can change the colors of each little bubble and also the background color of the entire mindmap as well. One helpful function of it is that you can download a jpg image of it which students can print out for their reference. This could be beneficial for someone who has a hard time handwriting as the app does make it look more organized versus if you had to write it out yourself. However, in the end, it seems that it may easier and more time manageable to have students physically draw out their own mindmaps rather than go through the trouble of digitalizing it.

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