Solar System KWL Chart using Padlet

This app has a variety of ways of making learning activities fun and easy to follow such as a book review, minilesson, or a timeline. I choose to make a Solar System KWL Chart. In this chart, the students will state what they already know, what they wonder, and what they have learned after the lesson. As a teacher, I would start with this before the lesson and fill out what we know and what we wonder. Once the lesson is complete, we would come back to this and fill out what we learned. This app is super easy to navigate and has fun little tricks so the students can really get involved in the lesson. For example, you can insert photos or gifs into the comments posted. You can also allow the students to comment on other’s posts or like/vote/rate their posts. It’s super fun to use and super fun to make. Definatlely recommend it!

3 Replies to “Solar System KWL Chart using Padlet”

  1. These KWL Padlets are so easy to use and a great way to get students involved in learning in a more subtle way. They aren’t required to speak in front of their peers, which may encourage more engagement. I love how your assignment encourages students to use images and gifs to make the learning more exciting!

  2. I love the KWL charts because students can share their ideas! They will have a visual of just how much they have learned once the lesson is over. The teacher can also add a fourth column, possibly asking if there was anything students didn’t understand.

  3. I didn’t realize that you could comment using gifs as well! I feel like the student’s would definitely want to engage in that!

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