PADLET Study Tool

This padlet uses a mindmap format as a tool to help students learn scientific classification. If a teacher was to invite students to edit the padlet, they could answer the questions as a way to help them study and review information. At the end, they are told to make their own flowchart to classify their favorite animal, which gets them using technology to study.

I love how this app is organized and easy to use. The flowchart is simple and customizable to fit any type of lesson. You can even insert videos, links, pictures, gifs, and audio. I will definitely use this app to get student feedback, vote on or rate certain things, make KWL charts, share one thing they’ve learned as an ‘exit ticket’ or brainstorm new ideas. I think mind maps especially are helpful for organizing information in a simplistic, visual, chronological or hierarchical way that is easy to remember.

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