Collaborative Poetry on Padlet

I chose to use Padlet for a classroom poetry project. We are currently doing a similar version in my current classroom but with paper that we pass around and write on. Using Padlet makes this much easier because all students can log on and collaborate at the same time. The teacher puts five different animals with pictures on Padlet. The students then log in and post one word that comes to mind when they think of each animal, and there can’t be any repeats. We will then use these words to create concrete poems as a class.

I really like Padlet and think it could be used for such a wide variety of activities in the classroom. It allows for students to be collaborative and share ideas instantly.

3 Replies to “Collaborative Poetry on Padlet”

  1. This is such a fun idea!! I think using Padlet would help this lesson become more engaging for the students because of the pictures and use of technology.

  2. This is a great idea! I like how you have used Padlet to create a collaborative and engaging lesson. It’s cool how technology like this can be used for things like poetry!!

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