I choose to make a mind map about the characteristics of The Avengers. I personally think that it is easier to make mind maps by hand and it would be less time consuming. To make the actual map was simple, but the bummer part is that the mind map can not be interactive or visual. The mind map is all text based, so not good for visual learners to use. Also to use the full capabilities of the application you are required to sign up and pay, which is not going to be feasible on a teachers salary.

I would not recommend using this application in the classroom. It does not have any fun amenities and it would be easier on the teacher and students just to do the mind map on paper.


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  1. These are really good pointers to know. I’m sure any teacher would prefer their students to be hands-on and creative when it came to mind maps rather than keeping all students confined to text. Super fun idea to map the Avengers!

  2. I really appreciate your honesty about this app! Initially, I was going to comment that I think you’ve done a beautiful job (which you have!) and that the map is very visually pleasing. But I think it’s super helpful that you’ve pointed out the negatives – not good for visual learners and not very easy to use. Great post!

  3. It was so interesting to hear your views/opinions on this app. I also agree that mind maps could be just as fun and beneficial hand written. I enjoyed reading your post!

  4. I agree that this would be easier to complete on paper, but I appreciate you sharing your opinions about this application. I thought your post was very easy to follow and would be a good visual for students.

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